UN Studies Concept

Our working group has held several meetings to elaborate a concept of a future field of UN Studies.

Our brainstorming sessions and discussions included following questions:

  • What are shortcomings in current research and teaching?
  • What are the problem causes?
  • What are distinguishing features of a future field of studies and desiderata?

For more informationabout how we started to think about UN Studies, see:

Other key milestones in our work include:

  • UNSA UN Studies Poll: Our online poll on the shortcomings and desiderata of UN Studies. 
  • ACUNS Vienna conferences: UNSA took part in the planning and organisation of the ACUNS Vienna conferences on Connecting Academics and Practitioners (2010, 2011 and 2012), where pertinent, conceptual issues were raised while UN practitioners presented a huge variety of UN Studies-related teaching materials and e-learning platforms.
  • UNSA Dialogues:  Within the framework of our UNSA Dialogues, we discuss issues regarding the concepf of UN Studies.
  • 2008 Bonn Seminar on Research and Teaching: Prior to the ACUNS 2008 annual meeting in Bonn, we organized a special seminar to brainstorm about UN research and teaching.