Our initial mission: future field of UN Studies

The working group’s  original vision was to promote the formation of an interdisciplinary, UN-focused field of studies. We envisioned to build a strong UN Studies community that takes UN research and teaching to the next level – “the next generation” of UN Studies.

Our key objectives

First, we aimed to create an intellectual foundation for a future field of UN studies. This ideational basis was to be realized:

  •  by developing a concept of UN Studies including key contents and features;
  •  by advancing theory-building and developing innovative methods for research and teaching. 

Second, we aimed to set in motion a process of institutionalization of the next generation of UN Studies

  •  by building structures for collaboration, communication and knowledge-sharing;
  •  by realizing concrete projects.

In the long run, UNSA considered an integrated education program vital to provide for a teaching framework for latest interdisciplinary research findings. Developing interdisciplinary curricula was, however, costly in terms of time and engagement, so for UN Studies to succeed, UNSA aimed to raise public awareness about the importance of such a field of study.