UNSA Dialogues


As a follow-up to our Bonn seminar in June 2008, we started to hold monthly conference calls in early October 2008 to discuss a common concept of UN studies, and other related questions to UN Studies such as innovative research and successful teaching tools. Our discussions were open to all UNSA members and other interested parties.

We invited our members to suggest any issue concerning UN Studies you deem worth discussing: any research or teaching issue or actual UN policy aspects.

List of Dialogues

Suggested issues for future discussions

  • Is the position of the SG and his role in maintaining international peace and security compromised when it comes to North Korea because of Ban Ki-moon's own nationality?
  • Meta categories for perspectives on the UN: during our Bonn seminar, we established basic "meta"-categories for all possible views and perspectives on the UN. Such basic, ontological categories are: "formal/ informal", "inside /outside", "parts/whole",
  • Epistemic Concepts: the UN can be studied applying epistemic concepts, such as leadership, bureaucracy, management, organizational learning
  • Other issues as mentioned in our mission statement.