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The UN Studies Association: A global knowledge network of UN practitioners and academics

We are dedicated to actively create and promote innovative, interdisciplinary and practice-oriented studies with a clear focus on the UN system. The UNSA was founded in 2007 in New York City and is not affiliated with the UN.

The purpose of our association is to foster innovation, excellence and collaboration on all issues of relevance to UN research, teaching and (political) practice. We aim to raise awareness about all facets of the UN work and are specifically interested in promoting the next UN generation and the use of digital technologies. As a member of our network, we invite you to connect and exchange with peers from all around the world to develop and discuss new ideas as well as to build and share new UN-focused knowledge.

Learn more about our most current platform initiatives, our history, or consider to contribute to our own Journal on International Organization Studies, now in its eigth year.

About us - Our mission past and present

Our mission: digital, collaborative solutions to foster UN-focused policy and research

From the beginning, UNSA has focused on promoting the next UN generation, and as a consequence of our dedication to bring in new voices and perspectives, to use and promote the use of digital, collaborative technologies. Over the years, we developed new ideas of how to better share and generate knowledge.

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UNSA History

History of UNSA 2007 - 2015

Learn more about our key activities throughout the first eight years, which include our collaborative UNSAnet and the subsequent launch of a UN expert platform; various UN Studies-related panels on conferences, workshops or seminars; UNSA Dialogues (tele conferences); UNSA Newsletters and publications that concern with research and teaching the UN.

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