ACUNS 2012 Vienna Conference

UN Agencies connecting with Academics and the Civil Society

January 11 -13, 2012 at the UN Office in Vienna

- a conference of the  Academic Council on the United Nations System (ACUNS) in cooperation with the University of Vienna, Diplomatic Academy of Vienna, University of Graz, Economic University of Prague, University of Szeged, United Nations Association Hungary, United Nations Association Czech Republic, Austrian Institute for International Affairs, Academic Forum for Foreign Affairs, Transparency International, Danube Secretariat.

This conference was a follow-up of the conference on Connecting UN Practitioners and Academics in Vienna in February 2011.

This year's three-day event was attended by over 300 academics and UN practitioners, including a remarkable number of students. They discussed various topics of primary concern to UN agencies in Vienna, presented teaching materials, and introduced networking initiatives.

Read our in-depth reports provided by our young team of rapporteurs!

On Friday, January 13, the Young Scholars' Conference marked  the inauguration of the UN Regional Academy, a tri-national effort (Austria, Czech Republic and Hungary), aiming at providing graduate and post-graduate students with the opportunity to further their understanding of the UN and its activity. Students presented papers focusing on the following themes:

  • Energy: access for all
  • Nuclear security and global governance
  • Global  zero (complete nuclear disarmament: fiction or reality)
  • Green economy and development
  • Corruption
  • Education and public awareness.