Workshops on Diversity and Global Understanding

May 31 - June 2, 2010 at the  UNO-City Vienna


This series of workshops aimed to bring together researchers and practitioners from different fields and disciplines with an interest in the issues and challenges of diversity in global working environments such as the UN. The overall objective was to deepen the international debate on questions pertaining to cultural diversity, ranging from diversity management and terminology to global education and the use of new communication tools.


Learn why diversity matters.

Project partners

This project has been set up to become a joint undertaking of TermNet, UNSA, Centre for Translation Studies of the University of Vienna and the Institute of Educational Science at Heidelberg University. 

It has been specifically designed to engage the diverse members of all organizations and facilitate an open and cross-disciplinary dialogue on an issue of mutual concern.

Program as of May 2, 2010

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The Conference included a series of workshops. By "workshops" we understand a format emphasizing interaction and exchange of information among participants, based on papers and other ideas.

The topic of our workshop series is cultural diversity, multilingualism and global understanding.

The program starts with a registration and first networking afternoon (31 May 2010).

On the first day workshops covered basic ground asking questions such as: How to achieve effective diversity management and cross-culture communication, e.g. in UN peace operations? What is the role of language and terminology for a better communication in the UN system, and UN peace operations in particular?

The second day was dedicated to cross-cultural dialogue and the practical side. We started by taking the broader global education perspective, before we focused on new ways of communication. The opportunities offered by new social media were presented and trained.

Participants have been invited to submit a paper or to deliver an oral presentation on an aspect of their interest.  Several UNSA members will contribute and make presentations.